Responsive Web Design

Why Do I Need Responsive Web Design?

For starters, Google recommends responsive web design over creating separate mobile sites. One of the main reasons for this is responsive websites serve up 1 url and the same html code for all devices.

This not only creates a better user experience, but this also makes it easier for Google to index, crawl and organize content.

When Google crawls a responsive website, both Googlebot and Googlebot-Mobile will be allowed to crawl the domain.

3 Major Benefits to Responsive Web Design

For websites that require SEO for their business to succeed, having a responsive design adds 3 major benefits.

For most applications, responsive web design provides the best choice for user experience and readability. Coding for the user experience should always come first. Having a site that’s engaging and interesting is the goal for greater conversion. This is achieved by creating a balance of visuals and content positioned in all the right places.

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