Search Engine Optimization

Building a web presence with search engine optimization in mind is the key to success. Can you imagine life without search engines? Did you know there are over 10 billion searches a month in Google alone? Search is integrated in to our personal and professional lives. We expect relevant and authoritative information instantly at the click of a button instantly. It seems pointless to build a great website if nobody can find it.

At WordPress Web Design Company, we understand that every business and market is unique, so our first step is to learn more about your business. We will work with you to understand your business goals and objectives. After all, if your website doesn’t convert visitors to customers, it has little value and that’s where we can help.

Why is Organic Search Results so Important?

  • Organic search results are the most trusted and define you as an authority
  • 70% of searchers choose organic results over sponsored search results
  • Visitors that find your website through organic search engine listing will spend more time
  • Most of your customers use search engines to research services, products and brands
  • Organic search traffic has a higher conversion rate than other mediums

Search engine visibility is now extremely competitive and takes an ongoing commitment to stay ahead of your competitors. Chances are you found out about us from a Google search.

How Does It Work

We carefully perform a keyword analysis and detailed SEO audit of your website to discover your ideal keywords.

What Does it Cost?

Most SEO campaigns start out as low as $500 – $1000/mo. We customize packages based on your business objectives and budget. We study your competition and learn what keywords they are optimizing for. Our SEO experts will consult with you to discover the ideal spend to achieve your goals.